The Perfect Brow -

Do you feel overwhelmed by the extensive range of eyebrow products on the market? Or are you simply just not sure where to start? We are here to help you!

Creating the perfect brow looks different for everyone. It's important to firstly understand your brow goals before determining what products will best suit you in achieving your desired look.

Achieving the perfect eyebrow ultimately begins with the shaping. Regardless of whether your brows have been victims of over plucking or are naturally wild, we have the tips needed to perfect your shaping technique. After selecting your desired brow shape, it is important to understand what look you are hoping to achieve in order to incorporate the right products into your beauty routine. Through the use of brow products we will help you best find what works for you so you can achieve a polished brow look.

Why should we do our brows?

Eyebrows are considered to be our most important facial feature, after all a well maintained eyebrow can enhance our look in many ways! Our brows help to shape the face, accentuate our eyes, and communicate our emotions. Regular brow maintenance makes you appear more alert, while looking fresher and allowing you to wear less makeup on a daily basis, but still maintaining an effortless natural glow.

Check out our top reasons for creating a well-defined brow:

  • Look more youthful

Beautifully groomed eyebrows are an anti-aging antidote. Brows that have been shaped and filled properly will work to lift the face, make your eyes appear larger and ultimately promote a more youthful look!

  • Frame the eyes

The right eyebrow shape can frame and flatter the eyes. Brows come in different shapes, colours and sizes, therefore it's important to first understand your natural brow and eye shape before introducing personal shaping methods. After all, the wrong brow shape can result in you looking tired, aged or angry… which none of us want!

  • Balance the face

Unsymmetric eyebrows can often throw off the facial balance, making your eyes appear uneven or completely changing the look of your face all together. Introducing brow shaping techniques into your beauty routine allows for well-structured brows that are more symmetric in nature and pleasing to the human eye.

  • Correct flaws

People often underestimate the ability of a well-groomed eyebrow to create an overall polished look. Regular eyebrow maintenance can help to distract from flaws and often allows for that ‘no-makeup’ look while still looking fresh faced and put together. Nicely trimmed and shaped eyebrows are pleasing to the human eye, while they will become a feature that grabs everyone's attention!

  • Refine your look

Regular brow maintenance works to create a polished look, allowing you to ditch the makeup and adopt a more natural look, while remaining to look like you’ve put effort into your appearance. A woman with well-kept brows will appear more clean and refined, even without a drop of makeup!